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Building Surveying

Experienced in all types of commercial property surveying

Our experienced consultant Building Surveyor covers a plethora of work across all commercial property sectors. They have extensive knowledge in assessing the condition and performance of these buildings. Additionally, our consultant Building Surveyor offers comprehensive advice on various aspects of commercial building consultancy. This includes maintenance and repair recommendations, compliance with building regulations, energy efficiency improvements, and dilapidations.

Our services cater to different stakeholders in the commercial property industry. Whether you’re an investor evaluating a property, an occupier seeking maintenance guidance, a developer planning renovation, or a funder assessing value and risks, our consultant Building Surveyor can provide the tailored expertise you need.

Why work with us

Building project management

For any size of construction project, we can offer advice as to how best to execute it and how best to control the process.

Pre-acquisition, vendor, portfolio and pre-lease surveys

We’ll identify any potential issues or risks that may affect the value or suitability of the property.

Dilapidations consultancy

We deal with all aspects, which refer to the repairs and maintenance obligations that tenants are responsible for at the end of their lease agreement.

Building reinstatement costs assessment valuations

We understand the importance of having a comprehensive understanding of the potential costs involved in reinstating a building. With our extensive knowledge and experience in the field, we guarantee to provide you with a thorough and detailed valuation report.

Workplace consultancy

We’ll help you optimise your work environment for improved productivity and employee satisfaction.

Schedules of condition

A highly effective and reliable solution to mitigate the risks associated with leasing agreements. This exceptional tool serves as an asset for both tenants and landlords, offering unparalleled protection to both parties involved.

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